Modern glass packages guarantees a feeling of comfort inside the house and give savings connected with heating. Such glazing provides additional peace of mind, while a rich variety of ornamental designs increase the attractiveness of the panes.

Our windows are equipped with glass packages manufactured by AGC Gdańsk. The company is one of the 5 plants in Poland subordinated to AGC Glass Europe.

Glass units

  • THERMOBEL – maximum solar control and thermal insulation
  • STRATOPHONE – protection from noise

Safe and fire-resistant glass

  • toughened glass
  • STRATOBEL – laminated glass
  • PYROBEL – fire-resistant glass


It is the standard in modern windows. The panes are separated by a cavity filled with argon gas, which has very good insulation properties . The distance frame is filled with molecular sieve to avoid being damp. The pane of glass are interconnected with a bonding-sealing material, which gives the whole set a complete tightness.


It is intended for those who want highly efficient heat retention. The third pane naturally increases the space between the panes, giving much to the effectiveness of the insulation and minimizing the heat loss. Better noise reduction is the additional bonus.


Ornamental panes can be used to achieve an original look of the window. Thanks to their many functional and decorative features, they work well as elements of interior dividing walls, as well as in bathrooms or kitchens. A wide range of styles means they can be used in residential and commercial buildings.