Roto offers products and services that are aimed squarely at customers’ actual needs – and that offer genuine added value.

The finished items specially designed for a specific application or space are working the best. Therefore we offer so called “tailor-made” windows.

Dividing the house or apartment on a separate rooms: kitchen, bedroom, workshop, etc. the owner foresees what he /she would be doing in these internal spaces and what type of furniture or objects of utility should stand there.

Windows with multiple tilting position for a bedroom or a bathroom. A window can be tilt and blocked in many different positions. A tilt restrictor provides a smooth adjustment of tilting position and the control of the incoming air, simultaneously preventing the window slamming in the event of wind or draught.
E-Tec Drive – intelligent opening and locking system. The system, completely concealed in a window frame, can tilt the window at a programmed hour for defined time and then lock it all around. Particularly recommended for protection from humidity and mould growth.

The safe children’s room window. „RotoTiltFirst” was designed with the youngest principal users in mind. This type of window can be opened only with a key for a handle lock. By turning the handle up to 90º, a child can only tilt a window. Therefore parents are not concerned about their children’s safety.

Kitchen slide window. Kitchen window with Tilt-sliding Roto Patio hardware system is a comfortable solution for those who use sill as the additional shelf. Slide window can be opened easily by sliding to the side without any risk of the accidental knocking down of the objects on the window sill.

Window with a handle at a comfortable working height. When the position of your office desk complicates the access to a window or the window is mounted very high, the best solution is to pick one with a handle on the lower profile-piece of the sash – Roto NT Comfort. It is longer than a standard handle and has a bigger lever arm which allows optimal handling of even big and heavy windows from a sitting position.

Concealed hinges Roto NT Designo for the windows made from the wood or PVC meets the highest expectations of the building owners. The hinges are hidden, there is no need to use hinges caps – nothing influence the perfect aesthetics of a window. Nothing detracts from the window’s appearance because the less we can see of the technology, the better! So far Designo hinges were used only in 2-leaves windows – now it is possible also in 3-leaves windows.

The break to control the opening angle in the handle lets you block the window in a chosen position by rotating the handle down without arranging any household appliances blocking the tilt depth.

Our windows with Roto solutions fit individual needs of everyone in your household. They perfectly suit different purposes of each room, making your living safer and more comfortable.