Our wooden systems are manufactured form the selection of the best quality wood. They reach very good parameters of thermal transmittance for the whole window.

The materials used to produce windows are: pine wood, meranti, oak and Siberian larch.

Profiles made of three glued together layers prevent stress in window frame and sash, thus assuring very good exploitation parameters of the whole construction.

Prior to leaving our factory, each window is impregnated, primed and painted. Wide range of colors includes both – non‑transparent and transparent (so called lazuring) paints which leave wood texture visible.

Our company offers all kinds of windows and balcony doors (rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal, arched, round) to the extent technically possible – from the most modern to very stylish, also ornamental and historical.

To our customers form Scandinavian countries we dedicated windows meeting all practical and aesthetic demands placed by northern markets.

For those who are looking the compromise between the nobleness of the material and its industrial outlook we created a line of wooden windows with aluminium clad.