The ALUPLAST extensive product range includes a number of window profile systems: from the most popular profiles with a frame depth of 70 mm to the profiles designed for passive houses. Variety of surfaces’ widths visible in the profiles and various profiles’ depths allow you to choose the best solution for the given building and meet even the most stringent standards for heat protection. Original and harmonious design combined with an abundance of system solutions, provides you with the endless possibilities to create windows and thus express your own style.

Thanks to most advanced production technologies, SCHUCO window systems can deliver total energy savings of 80%. They combine quality, design and innovation in an almost unlimited range, and already meet today the requirements of tomorrow. Sophisticated technology is the basis for all important factors, such as security, energy savings, noise reduction, thermal insulation, comfort and aesthetics. Windows affect the entire atmosphere of a room. The value of your house is clearly increased through assembly of high-quality windows.